Solo ride to Mysterious Lonar Crater Lake

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“As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, its inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are”

Lonar route

Have you ever went on a vacation without any planning or itinerary and that too alone? Did you ever sleep in the open garden restaurant on a chilled night when temperatures are soaring to the low? With the blessing of Sai Baba, let’s see how my journey to the mysterious lake on earth went out to be an unforgettable ride.

Day 1 : Pune – Shirdi – Aurangabad

Distance : 330 Kms

On Christmas day, I started at 07:30 AM in the very chilled morning from Pune. Driving at a constant speed of 100 kmph on your Royal Enfield with little traffic and fresh air is the real treat and nothing can beat this feeling. There are various routes to go for Shirdi. The shortest one is to take the Wagholi route and drive till Ahmednagar. Just before ahmednagar you will see a board stating the new shortcut road to Shirdi. You will start witnessing the Sugar cane fields everywhere. I had a tea break at one of the tea stalls and at the backside i was lucky to witness a train passing between 2 plateaus. So i did some photoshoot through my newly bought Nikon 5300 DSLR.

Reached shirdi at 12:30pm. Got fresh and went for darshan at around 01:30. Since it was National Holiday, there was a huge queue for darshan and it would have taken a minimum of 4 hours. So I decided to go for the Mukh darshan from where you can see the sai baba from a distance. So guys, never plan to visit Shirdi in the last week of Dec. After that I started to move towards Aurangabad. After riding for almost 30 odd kms, I decided to have some ganne ka juice at a small restaurant. There was nothing to eat but i requested aunty present there and she made a lovely poha for me. They had their own sugar cane fields so I had some fresh juice of 2 glasses. I had a very good interaction with them and they guided me how to reach Lonar and precautions needed to protect my stuff. When i was about to leave the aunty offered me Tea and i said “I am already full AuntyJi” and she said in a soft voice “Hamari taraf se pee lo, Wapas kab aana hoga tumhara!” That generosity made me realize that how good people are there in this country.  Where ever I went people were keen to ask me about my adventurous ride and i was being treated like a celebrity.  I reached aurangabad at around 08 pm and started looking out for some lodge or hotels. But due to long weekend there was shortage of rooms and you can easily see families here and there searching for accommodation. With no hope I thought of having at least dinner. After having a wonderful dinner I asked the restaurant owner to provide me some shelter for a night but he refused. Then I thought let’s move towards Jalna maybe I can find some lodge in between. So after riding for 6-8 kms more, I found 2 kids in a small garden restaurant warming up near a bonfire. Don’t know why but my mind told me to ask them once. I asked them and they(Ganesh and Divesh) said its OK come. Then I sat with them near the bonfire, clicked some beautiful picture and the sweet little 10 yr old divesh clicked some fantastic pictures. They also made tea for me. I talked to them for at least 3 hours. They checked each and every facebook pic of mine and asked endless questions about my adventure. These kids really made my Christmas day. At 12 PM we went to sleep and they made sure that i wouldn’t be affected by those chilled winter waves.

Day 2 : Aurangabad – Jalna – Lonar

Distance : 150 Kms

After sleeping in the chilled night Ganesh made a lovely poha and tea for me. He requested to drive my bull and without hesitation i gave him. He drove it so well, one thought suddenly came to my mind “People don’t drive bullet, they are driven by it!” After such a lovely day I moved towards jalna. Now u will start seeing the drought areas here and there. After covering around 150 kms in 3 hours, I reached lonar crater lake at around 01:30. At first glance u would definitely say wow! There are 3 towers from where you can see the entire lake but its very difficult to capture it completely. After that I had lunch at Atharva restaurant. Then I moved to sati dhar where a stream of water is flowing since the crater is formed. No one knows from where this water comes and why this stream never stops. Some says it comes directly from kashi and some says it will come until unless lonar lake is lively. Nevertheless I didn’t take the bath.

After that in the evening i decided to visit the temples at the banks of the river. There are 12 temples at the in the lake and most of them were destroyed by the Mughal Emperor. This lake is said to be mysterious due to its various unique properties. The water is 7 times more saline than sea water and no species can be found there. It is also believed that at the center of the lake you will also have the sweet water. Unbelievable but that is what research says. People also say that if u take bath in the lake all your skin infections would vanish. And mixing haldi in the water will make it bloody red. There are lot of other speculations as well. Make sure to collect some water in bottle.

I also did some of the sunset photo shoots from the lake before retiring at Krishna Lodge @50 Rs/cot.

Day 3 : Lonar – Pune

Distance : 420 Kms

After having a good sleep at around 07 AM i decided to go for the sunrise at lonar lake. The view is spectacular and you should definitely capture the moment.

View of Lonar Lake during Sunrise
View of Lonar Lake during Sunrise

After the pleasant morning, i moved towards Pune and by 06 PM evening i was back to my flat. This entire trip taught me a lot as the punch line says, As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, its inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are!

Few things to remember,

  1. Plan to visit lake in the afternoon as you will find less crowd and ample amount of sunlight to take beautiful pictures.
  2. If you are a photographer, then make sure to take a 10mm lens otherwise you wont be able to capture the entire lake completely.
  3. After Jalna, there are few bad patches so ride with caution.
  4. It would be too hot so plan accordingly
  5. Don’t miss the Sunset and Sunrise.

Click here for more pictures.

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