The Bull paying tribute to the Barren Land

The Little Rann of Kutch

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“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

Welcome to Little Rann of Kutch, the Barren Land of Gujarat covering 5000 square kms with little scope of any vegetation or human beings. How did i take my bike into the desert and spent a day in a temple full of wonderful people? And that too without spending a single penny. Let’s start this unforgettable journey.

I started my journey towards LRK from my hometown Vadodara. But before i start let me put some useful facts for you. This is a desert full of wildlife such as rare Asiatic Wild Ass, Insects and other migratory birds. Due to this, all the area comes under forest department and entry is strictly prohibited without prior permit. Still you can cross the barren land by using the path most of the villagers use for commuting.

Reach Zinzuwada(as shown in the map) which is located on the boundries of LRK and from there the barren land starts. Follow the path(vehicle marks) and ride towards the VachhRaj Dada temple(Not shown in the map). This temple is approximately 27 kms far from zinzuwada. No one will question if you are going to the temple.


After 2-3 kms, you will start seeing the desert and you will actually feel like being in the No Mans Land. After 4-5 kms i saw a small temple. I thought i could see any human being but no one was there.


In the afternoon, when you look at the end of the horizon, you will observe a pool of water and you might think that you are approaching near to some ocean and it will continue as long as you move. This is nothing but the optical illusion and you will try to recollect all your school days physics concepts. At some moment you might strand at a junction with no option but to stand there and think where to go. So my advice would be to take the path which is better of two else stand there and wait for some villager to pass by.


After 1 hour drive, i reached VachhRaj Dada temple. You will be shocked to see so many trees around that temple and suddenly you will start seeing a lot of people coming down from different places to seek blessings of Lord VachhRaj Dada. The temple is open for everyone and serves food and tea through out the day.


After having lunch and some tea i decided to have a chat with shopkeepers outside the temple and they were excited to know my journey. I told them that i want to spend a night and they arranged a lovely bed for me which was totally covered so that i don’t feel much cold. So next time when you visit this temple, meet this wonderful boy and tell my name, he would be happy to help you.

Sunset and Sunrise are the 2 mandatory things you should not miss when you are in LRK. Just imagine you are the only one in desert in the morning, the pale of Yellowish and Orange color sun coming out of the horizon and sunshine falling on your body, slowly giving you relief from the cold. Believe me, this wonderful feeling you won’t get anywhere else.

Similarly, during dawn the sun slowly getting disappear from you but the rays still reflecting into the sky making it a beautiful and extraordinary sight. Some of the pictures clicked during Dusk-Dawn time,

In the morning my new friend JaySingh told me to take a bath. I said where I will get water in this desert and who has got the daring to take bath in this chilled atmosphere?

He said that there is a stream of hot water flowing continuously from ages. I got there and checked. Really there was hot stream and people were enjoying the bath. So I wasted no time, took off my clothes and had a wonderful warm bath.

Finally I had to move towards Bhuj. So the people there suggested me to go towards Palasva which is on the other side of LRK(shown in map above) and you have to drive around 60kms. Trust me, that was the normal path but better than roads and you can easily drive there at a speed of over 80 kmph. I took one video while driving on my bull.

Just follow the better path and a small board giving directions about Palasva written in Gujarati language but easy enough for you to understand. After 40 kms you will encounter farm fields and the path full of sand. So it will definitely test you driving skills.

After crossing Palasva town and catching the highway one feeling was there that last one day in LRK was one of the best days in my life.

Few points to note while visiting this area,

  1. Carry enough water and eatables because you might get lost and it would be difficult to find someone
  2. If you are visiting during winters then carry proper warm clothes because it gets very cold in the night
  3. Always follow the path and don’t go deep into the Rann. If you are lost, follow the markings and come back
  4. The area is full of wildlife so don’t harm any animal or bird. Else forest department can take strict action against you.


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10 thoughts on “The Little Rann of Kutch

  1. Is it possible to visit the VachhRaj Dada temple in the last week of October? I am told that it is swampy at this time of the year.

  2. Hi Sachendra,

    I am doing cross Lil ROK on my solo ride this month.
    Is the forest permit required to cross the lil ROK from zinzuwada all the way exit at Palasava? If so, permit is got from Bajana right?

    Plz let me know. Thanks

  3. hi. .
    nice to read your experience.
    where to get permit for cars.
    I am travelling in month of November and planning to take the route mentioned here.

      1. Hi Sachendra
        Thanks for the response.
        My route for the day starts from Ahmedabad towards ‘rani ki vav’ and then towards LRK through zinzuwada. Going to Dhrangadhra will add distance and time for the day plan. Can you please recommend permit availability around zinzuwada region.

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