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“What is a lifetime adventure for you is a daily routine for us!”

So whenever we hear name of Kargil, only the Indian Army and their victories come into mind. It is the 2nd largest city after Leh in the Ladakh region. A beautiful place where each mountain has a history behind it. You will see the Indian army territories everywhere protecting the motherland. Take out some time to meet the army personnel and roam around the kargil market.

Important places to visit:

  • Kargil War Memorial (It is around 50 Kms before Kargil, so you can cover it while coming from Srinagar)
  • Tiger Hill, Dras (Captured during 1999 War)
  • Twenty Top (Highest mountain in Kargil)

Where to stay:
Staying at any hotel like Greenland in Kargil is advisable.

Some pictures of Kargil City:

Click here for more pics.


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