One of the most beautiful highway!

Kargil to Leh

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“Travel makes you modest. You realize what a tiny space you occupy in this world.”

Distance : ~ 250 Kms

This is the journey towards one of the beautiful and highest city on earth – Leh. You will drive on one of the best roads in India, an applauded work by BRO(Border Roads Organisation). Breathtaking landsacpes, mountains, monastries, you would definitely love this mountain ride.

Riding Instructions:

  • Wear thermals as its colder
  • Keep plenty of water to drink as oxygen level keeps on decreasing
  • Follow the road signs as at some point you might face 2 different paths
  • Completely charge your camera batteries as you might take a lot of photos on this beautiful highway

Some beautiful pictures while riding towards Leh:

Click here for more pics.

Watch the ride through beautiful landscapes

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