TCR Property at Sasan Gir

The Offbeat Crazy Rider Properties

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What does a rider need when he is riding to some offbeat location? Does he enjoys his stay & Cuisine? Does he get assurance that his vehicle would not be harmed?

So, keeping in mind all these things, the Crazy Rider team brings few offbeat travel destinations for Riders. Ride to these destinations and get lost in the nature.

We have made sure to keep certain things in mind according to a Rider’s perspective. What are those? Take a look,

  1. We make sure that the property is offbeat and very close to the nature
  2. We assure to provide security to the most important thing in his life, his Bike
  3. We make sure that he enjoys the local cuisine
  4. We take care of his bike by providing the contacts of Mechanic and Washing Center
  5. Is Alcohol and Non Veg available? If government allows, then we will provide it
  6. We will provide complete route information to make the TCR Property easily accessible.

You see, we take care of you!

Now let’s take a look of the properties,

1) TCR Farmhouse & Resort, Devaliya Gir Interpretation Zone near Sasan Gir

TCR Property at Sasan Gir
TCR Property at Sasan Gir


2)  TCR Resort at Dholavira

TCR Team at RoK
TCR Team at RoK


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