Kalsubai Peak

A Ride to Bhandardara

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“Travelling is not something you are good at, Its something you do like Breathing”

Bhandardara Route

Always heard about the Kalsubai Peak(5400 Ft), the highest mountain in Maharasthra standing tall in the Sahyadri ranges of Bhandardara. Bhandardara is also famous for its greenery and the amazing waterfalls. Also being in pune from last 3 years, i never got chance to visit Shivneri, the birthplace of ‘Shivaji’ as well. So we planned to cover both the historical places in one day. Now with lack of sleep, let’s see how the crazy ride towards Bhandardara or you can say the “Land of Waterfalls” ended on an adventurous note.

At 5:30 AM, we started our ride from Magarpatta City, Pune. At around 6:00 AM we decided to have some photo shoot at Khadaki bridge also famous as a haunting place(lol)

Khadki Bridge

After crossing Chakan we experienced dense fog at around 07:00 AM. So in the chilled atmosphere we decided to have a delicious Misal Pav at a restaurant. At 07:30 we left for Shivneri Fort which falls in the Junnar district.

Fog on the way

At 08:30 AM we reached Shivneri Fort. We decided to cover it in 2 hours and leave for Bhandardara as early as possible. The fort is nicely maintained and view from top is awesome. You can view the beautiful landscapes, lakes, forests, inshort entire Junnar district. The fort will make you remember the great emperor of Maratha Empire, Shivaji Maharaj.

After viewing the fort in scorching heat and energy levels dipped a bit, at 11 AM around we decided to move towards Bhandardara. The route is a bit confusing so take out your GPS and move towards Otur – Brahmanwada. Once you cross Brahmanwada you will start seeing mountains and green fields. Since road wass in bad condition, so we drove cautiously and enjoyed the view.

We reached Bhandardara at around 01:45 PM and straight away headed to a restaurant as we were extremely hungry. After lunch at around 03:00 PM, we planned to cover Bhandardara Lake and Wilson Dam. We dropped the idea of going to Randha falls as it was almost dried up due lack of monsoon rains. But in monsoon it’s highly recommended to visit. After having a quick view of Wilson Dam we halted at Bhandardara Lake. You can do some boating but taking bath was the better idea as water was pretty clear. But stay on the banks due to sudden increase in depth.

After some fun in the lake at around 5 PM, we left for the famous Mount Kalsubai(5400 Ft), highest peak in Maharasthra. The route is incredible and green fields alongside will allow you to have some great pictures. You can visit the Kalsubai temple, but for that you need an entire day.


After that we decided to cross the bad patches and touch the Nashik-Pune highway before dark. But instead of taking right at a junction we took left and went to other side of Bhandardara. You will see lush green outfields and small waterfalls everywhere and we had a great time to click some more beautiful pictures.

After reaching other side of Bhandardara, our GPS displayed that Pune is 183 kms more and we decided to take that route which gets diverted after Sinnar. After driving another around 60 kms to Sinnar town we got to know that our GPS information was incorrect and we have to drive another 180 kms. Difficult task right? Anyways at 07:30 PM we decided to cover rest of the journey. But real test started when we found so many pot holes and vehicles coming in full speed at you. Meanwhile we had a wonderful veg dinner at one of the Rajasthani Dhaba, 40 kms away from Sinnar.

Rajasthani Dhaba

After dinner we left at around 09:30, drove continuously in low visibility and pathetic road. After driving continuously for around 3.5 hours, we reached Magarpatta at around 01 AM in the night. We were tired very much but that was hell of a journey.

Riding instructions:

  1. Mandatory bike check as roads are not in good condition
  2. Carry extra tube and there is a huge chance of bike getting punctured.
  3. Leave as early as possible
  4. Carry raincoat
  5. Carry a good GPS device as roads are pretty confusing.

Click here for more pics.


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