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3 Days, 3 States, 1800 Kms

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“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls”

3 states

Many of you would be thinking, how did i cover 3 states, riding for 1800 kms in mere 3 days? Actually it’s not that difficult. All you need is a good friend and tank full of petrol, lol. And add to the worst, riding on a bike without headlight and discharged battery (Thanks to my fellow rider Mr. Punit). Let’s start the adventurous ride through the heavy rains, mountains, forests towards the western coastal line of India. Believe me, we have covered most of the less traveled yet awesome places.

Day 1 : Pune – Kolhapur – Belgaum – Hubli – Sirsi

Distance : Approx 600 Kms

On Bapu’s birthday, we planned to leave at around 06:00 AM in order to reach Jog falls around 600 kms far. But being a true indian we started late at 07:00 AM. Now we had to ride hard and fast to cover up. Just before the Katraj tunnel, i decided to have first shot of my bull

Bull posing before Katraj Tunnel

We crossed Pune traffic as quickly as possible and stopped at one of our favorite restaurant which is located at the junction from where the roads get diverted just before the ghat region.

Our Breakfast

After having the perfect breakfast we decided to ride continuously till Nipani by taking 5-10 mins break at Satara and Karad. We reached Nipani at 01:00 PM and had a lunch there. At 01:45 we left for Belgaum enjoying the brilliant weather and awesome expressway like highway. After riding for around 20 mins, i couldn’t resist myself to capture this beautiful view

Beautiful Markandeya River flowing before Belgaum.
Beautiful Markandeya River flowing before Belgaum.

After that we were welcomed by heavy thunderstorm. It rained so heavily that the highway roads were completely submerged into rain water. We took shelter in a shop along with dozens of other people. When rain stopped eventually after 45 minutes we headed towards Hubli-Dharwad  and had a perfect glimpse of rainbow on the way


The rains kept on chasing us till Hubli. At around 07:00 PM in hubli we had a half hour break for coffee and some south indian snacks. Our bikes and riding costumes were source of attraction there and everyone was keen on asking where we were heading and any assistance required. They advised us to ride till Sirsi and stay there only as it was getting very dark. So we took their suggestion and started 70 odd kms ride towards Sirsi which entirely passes through the forest region. When you ride through the forest, even you can’t see the moonlight and add to the worst, the battery of Punit’s bike got discharged completely and i had to guide him. He perfectly followed my signals and rode brilliantly, signs of a good rider. Even in the forest region, the roads were amazing. In between to have some excitement, i did some crazy things and turned off the headlights quite a few times. Believe me it was extremely dark and you could not even see your bike. But it was fun. We reached Sirsi at around 09:00 PM and started searching for some hotels but due to long weekend we couldn’t find anyone. And add to surprise, there were only 2 hotels in Sirsi. So it’s advisable to do booking in advance. Finally we got contact from a shop who provided a room from his newly constructed duplex. Finally we had a good sleep after a long tiring day’s ride.

Day 2 : Sirsi – Jog – Honnavar – Murdeshwar – Gokarna – Karwar – Panjim

Distance : Approx 450 Kms 

Today we were riding towards the world famous jog falls and unexplored beautiful beaches of Karnataka. We decided to cover the Jog Falls, Murdeshwar, Gokarna and Karwar anyhow. So at 07:00 AM we headed towards Jog Falls. We rode fiercely through dense forests and our adrenaline got higher when we saw the board,

Jog Falls Waterfall Entrance

Due to lack of monsoon, the jog fall was not that livelier but still good enough to have some photo shoots

At 10 AM we marched towards Honnavur which was around 70 kms. This would be a complete ghat section with full of wildlife.

Curves that always excites me!

While our journey we found Sharavathi river flowing calmly between the dense coconut trees. We found one path from where we took our bulls near the banks of the river.

On the banks of Sharavathi River
On the banks of Sharavathi River

I really got excited to see the locality besides the river and took my bike inside one of the village. The roads were so thin but you would definitely love to ride. I took one pic and suddenly some local people came out of their houses and asked “Why are you taking the pic?” I told them that i came from very far and we don’t see such places. Then he said okay, Take it.

Village near Sharavathi river

From Honnavur you will find 2 roads, the left which goes towards Mangalore and the right which goes towards Goa. We took the left one and headed towards Murdeshwar which falls on the Mangalore highway. Honnavur lies on the coastal line. So directly after crossing the town you will encounter a bridge over the sea

After riding for almost 28 kms we reached Murdeshwar and just one word came out of us WOW!. The clean beach, giant Shiva Idol and 20 storey Gopura is just incredible. Take a look at the below pics and video to have a complete glimpse,


After spending around 1 hour, our next destination was Gokarna Beach. So we had to ride 28 kms back to Honnavur and then move towards Gokarna which is around 55 kms. We found many rivers submerging into the Arabian Sea.

We reached Gokarna at around 03:00 PM. This is one of the clear beaches i have ever seen and far better than most of the Goa beaches. The best part is that you can take your bike very near to waves.

At 04:30 PM we started to ride towards karwar which lies on the Karnataka-Goa border. It is also famous for naval base academy. You will see the naval barricades and ships everywhere. At 06:00 PM we reached Karwar Beach and this is a very long stretch of calm and clean beach.

After spending some good and relaxed time at the beach, we left for Panjim, around 110 kms far. Once you enter the Goa state, you will see beautiful roads paved through the dark and dense forests. We reached Panjim at 10 PM and stayed at friends place. So second day was completely dedicated to beaches.

Day 3 : Panjim – Ratnagiri – Khed – Mandangad – Harihareshwar

Distance : Approx 450 Kms

This is the ride over NH 17 towards wonderful beaches of Maharashtra parallel to the Western Ghats. You will encounter heaviest of rains, mountains covered with dense forests and konkan railway line. You would definitely think how konkan railways have laid down a railway track on these uneven terrains? Absolutely an engineering challenge. Hats off to the awesome work by Konkan railways. As soon we crossed the Goa state, we were welcomed by heavy rains

We rode in the little or heavy rains through out the day. But greenery all over the place is the treat to watch. In the background, see the small portion of konkan railway bridge between the mountains,

We kept on driving till Khed and just before that we found this beautiful point which seemed to be a Sangam of rivers. It was getting dark so i wasn’t able to capture it perfectly.

From Khed, take a left to go towards Dasturi. From Dasturi, straight road goes to Dapoli and right way goes to Mandangad. As it was getting a lot darker, we stayed at Swagat Restaurant near to Bus Stand in Mandangad.

Day 4 : Harihareshwar – Srivardhan – Diveagar – Mulshi – Pune

Distance : Approx 230 Kms

We left hotel at 06:30 AM to cover each spot and reach pune by afternoon. But our most adventurous ride happened at the end of journey. You have to ride around 32 kms through the ghats covered in clouds, small waterfalls and beautiful Savitri river flowing besides you ready to be submerged in the Arabian Sea.

Savitri River

When you reach Vesavi, you have to take a right and ride towards Savitri river. You will then see the big JT waiting for you to take your vehicle on the other side of the river. The JT can carry Bike, Car, Truck or any other vehicle. For two Wheeler, they charged 40 Rs. It starts at 07 AM in the morning and i think after every half an hour they do these transportation. But seriously crossing the river on JT with your bike was a wonderful feeling and made us think that we were on some kind of mission, LOL.

After reaching on to the other side of the river you have to drive 5 kms to Harihareshwar. Harihareshwar is a lovely and lonely beach. It’s so lonely that you can take your bike into the sea water and no one would care about. So we did the same thing and went very near to the sea waters.


But it hit us very hard and suddenly our bikes got stuck in the sand and mud. Watch out this video,

It took enough power to pull out the bike from that muddy area. Adding to the worse, due to the sea water getting into the silencer, Punit’s bike was not starting. So we had to push his bike out of the beach.

Anyhow we got out of that situation and started riding towards Diveagar. Once you cross SriVardhan, you will find around 10 kms of coastal drive and its really fantastic. This drive was the best part of our trip.

Coastal Drive from SriVardhan to Diveagar

Once we reached Diveagar, we found almost 7-8 kms long stretch of wonderful beach. So we decided to drive on this beach and it was really fun.

After having some fun there, we started to ride towards pune which was around 170 kms far. The drive through Kolad, Tamhini Ghat was wonderful but the view of Mulshi lake was fantastic!

Thanks to pune traffic, we reached late in the evening and ended the unforgettable ride.

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  1. Congratulations and I would like to join your group. Please do let me know when you plan something in future and if it matches my schedule, I will join.

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